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olive oil semi sorbet

message posted 04-Sep-06 19:27:19
The Sosa bases for ices and sorbets are a great quick and easy way to make a superior quality ice/sorbet . There is no heat neede, so respectful to ingredients.
The stabalizers do the job of the egg yolk without the coluor and flavour.
Mineral water 0,650 gr.
Dextrosa 0,050 gr.
Base Pro-crema Sosa 0,100 gr.
Glycerine Sosa 0,040 gr.
Virgin olive oil 0,350 gr.
Salt 0,007 gr.

Total 1,197 gr.

This recipe will be scoopable at -16`c
Solids 42%
Sweetness 6%
fat 31%

Mix liquids. Mix solids. Rest for 4 hrs, turn and store.
If a little firm for your freezer, add 5g more glycerine
If a little soft for your freezer, take out 5g of glycerine.

Sosa products available at Wild Harvest 0207 498 5397

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