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Transparent crisp

message posted 04-Sep-06 00:35:05

Any Liquid 1L
Sugar/dextrose 280g
Super Neutrose- Luois Francois 20g


Depending on type of crisp, choose to use sugar or dextrose-
(dextrose is less sweet, so more applicable to "savoury" crisps)
Mix the sugar or dextrose well with the Super Neutrose.
Using a hand-blender, incorporate the powders into the liquid.
Leave to rest for 15mins for the stabalizer to absorb the water
Spread on a silpat or bako-glide as thin as required(Warning:will stick on old silpats)
Lay on grill/rack and dry in oven at 80c for about 3/4 hrs.
or at 60c overnight
Flip mat and peel off- store with silica gel in tightly sealed containers.
NOTE: If liquid is thick, ie: banana, mango or apple, then the super neutrose is not needed.
(It is only needed for thin liquids that would otherwise run together when spread on silpat.)

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