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Chocolate and fruit jellies

message posted 04-Sep-06 00:22:19

Water 600g
fruit puree 900g
chocolate 540g
vegetable gel Sosa 45g
Billingtons un-refined sugar 120g

Whisk the vegetable gel and sugar into the cold water and puree
Warm, and add chocolate.
Bring to boil, taking care not to let the chocolate burn on the base of the pan.(can use microwave)
Pour into molds immediately to cool.
Do not agitate whilst cooling, until the gel has formed

For extended shelf life and better freeze/thaw qualities, add 1 to 2 leaves of geletine per liter of liquid or blend in 2g Thickening gel Sosa per liter of liquids - both of these options are to be added after boiling.

Is freezer stable

Note: the amount of sugar can be altered , depending on the acidity of the fruit puree used.

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