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pea foam (hot)

message posted 02-Jan-07 21:06:44
400gr frozen peas
250gr chilled chix stock
10gr butter
100m double cream
100 ml fullfat milk

blanche peas for 3 minutes, strain and blitz with chix stock, add cream and butter and blitz for another minute.
Pass hrough a chinoise.
Heat to 60 c , season
Add to isi whip and charge with sx n2o charges and serve
message posted 18-May-11 04:29:20
You blanche the peas in the milk?
message posted 27-Sep-11 11:09:45
Very nice, I am into foams right now, learning more every day
message posted 26-Jun-13 16:21:57
if you haven't got a isi whip...we used to use the
frothing attachment from coffee machine.

we used mint mixed with milk and frothed on
the coffee machine and added the

froth from mint/milk to chocolate fondants
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