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Parsnip and vanilla e'spuma

message posted 02-Jan-07 20:52:25
300gr parsnips
1/2 vanilla pod
100gr butter
200gr chicken stock (warm)
100gr full fat milk
3g sherry vinegar

Peel, core and thinly slice parsnips
place butter, vanilla in pan and cook parsnips till soft approx 40min.
Remove vanilla and puree.
Add warm stock, milk and cream.
Remove from from blender and pass through chinoise.
Heat again to 60c, add sherry vinegar and season.
Place in siphon/ isi gourmet whip and charge 2x n2o charges.
Chill in fridge for 6 hours
message posted 26-Oct-12 08:06:01
this 'll gose with what?
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