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Soup of pea, Tortellini of Ham Hock

message posted 21-Jan-10 15:39:25
Ham Hock Tortellini
1 ham hock, soaked overnight 200g/7oz chicken mousse
1 carrot, peeled 2 tsp chopped chives
onion, peeled 1 batch pasta dough
1 bay leaf
1 clove garlic

Soup To Finish
1kg/2lb4oz fresh or frozen peas 50ml/2floz mint oil
2 tsp corn oil sprigs of chervil
2 shallots, chopped
500ml/18floz milk
100ml/4floz double cream
100g/4oz butter

For the Ham Hock
1. Soak the hocks overnight and rinse to remove the excess salt, wash off well
2. Place the hocks into a pan with the vegetables and herbs, cover and bring to the boil until the meat falls away from the bone.
3. Leave to cool in the liquor, trim off the sinew and fat use only the lean meat.
For the Tortellini mousse
1. Place the mousse in a bowl and add the chives and diced ham hock.
2. Fold together carefully and season lightly, DO NOT OVER WORK.
For the Tortellini
1. Boil a pan of salted water, roll out the pasta dough (2mm thick).
2. Using a pastry cutter, cut approximately 5cm wide, then run through a pasta machine to roll out to 13cm wide, turning the pasta each time it goes through, lay on a floured surface.
3. Place a tsp of mousse into each pasta disc, fold the pasta sealing the edge with water making a half circle, use the cutter to pack the filling neatly, trim off the skirt but leaving 3cm.
4. Place the pasta curve side away from you pull both edges together with finger and thumb.
5. Cook for 3 minutes, in the boiling water.
6. The refreshing in iced water stored in an air tight container.
For the Soup
1. Blanch the peas for 2-3minutes, sweat the shallots with no colour, add the peas and cook for another 2-3minutes.
2. Pour in the milk cook until peas are tender, cool the mix slightly, liquidising smooth.
To Finish
1. Heat the soup up gently adding the cream and butter whisking always.
2. Reheat the tortellini for 2minutes, place in a warm soup bowl.
3. Pour in the soup and garnish with mint oil and chervil
4. And serve.

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