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Ingredients for Praline

4 oz caster sugar
3 tbsp water
3 oz pinhead oatmeal which has been toasted to an even brown


Bring the water and the sugar to boiling point in a small pan. The sugar will
dissolve and the syrup will gradually change colour. When it becomes a rich
caramel colour - the crack stage - remove from heat, stir in the toasted oatmeal
and pour out onto an oiled baking tray. Leave to cool and solidify.

Now you have to break the praline into tiny pieces about the size of uncooked

Ingredients for Vanilla Syrup

1 cup of Vanilla sugar - sugar in which a split Vanilla pod has been buried until the sugar takes on a pronounced vanilla flavour.
1 cup of water


Bring sugar and water to boil and reduce by half. Allow to cool.

Ingredients for Ice-cream

1.5 pints double cream
pint milk
Vanilla syrup


Beat the syrup in a mixing bowl, add the milk then the cream and continue
beating until it just begins to thicken. You want the consistency of Chantilly.
Fold in the praline.

Put into the freezer compartment of a fridge and leave until the ice cream begins
to set - about 30-40 minutes.

Remove from freezer and beat some more. Transfer to a loaf tin or suitable shape:
cover and freeze until ready.

To Serve

Dip the base and sides of the tin in hot water and turn out.
Press hot, buttery fried breadcrumbs into the surface.

Slice like cake and serve with soft fruit compote or Blairgowrie soft fruit in

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