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Beef with Garlic Peppercorn Crust

message posted 17-Jan-14 18:49:31
It is a delicious roast beef with an absolutely fantastic garlic peppercorn crust.

List of Ingredients
1 tablespoon of black pepper corns
1 tablespoon of green pepper corns
1 tablespoon of white pepper corns
1 tablespoon of red pepper corns
2 cloves of garlic
Some salt
2 tablespoons of olive oil
50 grams of butter
70 grams of flour

You may have grilled it during the summer and never considered this as a traditional winter dish but you are up for a surprise because this dish is great during those cold winter evenings.

We are going to start by preparing the peppercorns. In a small bowl you will mix white, black green and pink peppercorn. You will want to give them a really good grind, after you grind them sprinkle them evenly on the beef.

It is now time to prepare the garlic paste, add in four cloves of garlic, a pinch of salt a splash of olive oil.

We are now going to splash the hunk of meat with our garlic paste, make sure to flip the beef over and do the exact same thing, I am also going to do one optional step, I am going to let the beef to sit and dry overnight.

The next day I am going to take the beef out of the fridge, it may look a little darker but do not be alarmed. Before I pop it into the oven I like to let it sit on the table for one hour just to warm up a little bit.

When I am ready to cook, I am going to pop in the pan one large stick of butter, toss the beef right in, give it a little bit of salt and pepper if needed and pop it into a preheated 450 degree oven for fifteen minutes.

After fifteen minutes I am going to pull it out, turn my oven to 200 degrees, flip over the beef, pop that back in and continue roasting for about 20 minutes more until it looks dark brown.
When you pull it out of the oven, cover the beef with some aluminum foil and let it cool down for at least fifteen minutes.

It is now time to work on the pan sauce, I am now going to pour in one tablespoon of flour, put that on medium heat, cook it for about two minutes. At this point in time I am going to drop two cups of some very delicious beef stock.

While the mixture is boiling you can season it up a little bit, you may want to drop some black pepper, some salt, reduce the mixture until it reaches the texture we want and when it is getting close I am going to add in the final ingredient a small splash of balsamic vinegar.

Chef Linda Rosario is a food blogger from Chef Needs, one of the trusted suppliers of ice makers. She also loves to paint and dreams of having her own art gallery. Aside from painting and drawing, Linda has a heart for cooking and food.

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