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Eton Mess

message posted 10-Sep-13 09:27:20


1 x Punnet of Strawberries

1 x Punnet of Blueberries

1 x Double Cream

2 x Table Spoons of White Sugar

4 x Meringue

1 x Can of Whipped Cream

Optional: Sweets


Step 1: Start out by mixing and beating your single cream into a glass bow with three spoons of sugar. I recommend using a fork, as using a whisk might risk over-beating, and youíre going to keep doing this until the cream becomes thick and slightly stiff. Make sure itís still a light texture though, as youíre going to have to eat lots of it and you donít want it to be too stodgy.

Step 2: To make your Eton Mess look the best it can, I recommend serving it into long glasses and providing the guests with long spoons to fish out the cream and meringue from the bottom. Now dish up into those by first breaking up some meringue into pieces and padding out the base. Next spoon in some thick cream into each glass and drop some blueberries and strawberry slices in on top. Next add in some more broken meringue and repeat until each glass is filled to the top.

Step 3: To add to the presentation of your Eton Mess, add a swirl of whipped cream onto the top and then add a single whole strawberry. If you want to, then you can add in more interesting items too such as sweets, chocolates, brownie cake or different fruit.

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