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Fifteen used Battery eggs

Jamie Oliver, the television chef, faced fresh embarrassment over his factory farming campaign when it emerged that one of his restaurants served eggs from battery chickens.

Jamie Oliver examined the UK's chicken and egg production in his show Jamie's Fowl Dinners
Mr Oliver is currently presenting a Channel 4 show called Jamie's Fowl Dinners which exposes the cruelty of battery farming and his Fifteen Cornwall restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced organic ingredients.

However, it was caught out when a farmer, who had been eating at the restaurant, spotted that the eggs on display in the open kitchen did not have the free range stamp and complained.

This was further compounded when it emerged the incident had happened as the television show was being broadcast.

Mr Oliver vowed "heads will roll".

He said: "I am speechless. We have cast iron rules on what any chef can and cannot buy in all Fifteen's.

"I can't stop thinking it seems a coincidence this one-off has happened the week my programme airs. I have never been so disappointed."

Mr Oliver has already written an open apology to Sainsbury's staff after criticising the supermarket over a refusal to take part in a debate about battery bred chickens ahead of the programme.

Mr Oliver, who is paid £1.2 million a year to front the supermarket chain's advertising campaign, had said he had been "really upset" by Sainsbury's failure to turn up but the store claimed it had cooperated with the programme.

Mr Oliver is trustee of the Fifteen Foundation charity which he founded to train disadvantaged youngsters to be chefs.

The farmer who found the egg at Fifteen Cornwall, over looking Watergate Bay, was eating with 12 friends after attending a wedding in the area.

David Meneer, the restaurant's chief executive, acknowledged there had been a "cock-up".

But he added: "Fifteen is about hiring rather than firing, and it is not my intention to fire anybody at this stage."

He said he had "read the riot act" to staff and procedures had been tightened up.

"We ran out of eggs at the beginning of the New Year, and somebody ordered some but got the wrong type from the wrong place," he explained.

"We had a party in while Jamie's show was going on - and they were farmers and battery egg farmers.

"They saw two eggs in a tray, remarked they were battery eggs, and a young chef gave them one. We were pretty open about it; it was a mistake."

Fifteen Cornwall says on its website its eggs come from Clarence Court, near Liskeard.

It says: "The hens at Clarence Court are from old-fashioned breeds such as the Old Cotswold Legbar and the Burford Brown.

"Allowed to roam freely and given a totally natural diet, the hens produce seriously good eggs."

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