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Good Chefs, Bad Manners

In 30 years of cooking, I have seen quite a few antics in the kitchen -

With all the hot pans, sharp objects, and constant rush to feed the masses, there is bound to be some excitement.

The ill-tempered chef is more myth than reality, but all good chefs share a passion for perfection.

Reality shows like Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen is carefully edited to give the impression that four letter words are required culinary terminology. Confidential kitchen memoirs are crafted to shock us with chapters of industry only secrets.

I loved the movie Ratatouille and its accuracy, provided you take out the part of the abusive Frenchman with the big hat and the idea of a chef-rat becoming famous for interpreting a classic recipe.

These are caricatures, great for advertising and book sales, but even Gordon Ramsey would be the first to tell you that running a kitchen is about inspiration, not intimidation.

Ramsey and other successful chef-restaurateurs know too well that they need to surround themselves with great people, and then develop them to perform at a high level of excellence. He may be loud, but his teaching is extraordinary.

If it wasn't, we would never have heard of him since he wouldn't have been able to leave his stove.

Marriott takes pride in the positive work environment our culinary teams enjoy. Marriott kitchens are built on a framework of trust and opportunity. I have visited and worked in hundreds of our hotels, and I am always blown away by the great people in our kitchens.

The next generation of Marriott chefs is the dedicated cooks that are on the line, in the pastry shop and banquet kitchen, or cooking your omelet each morning. We aim to take care of them, so they keep taking care of you.

What's on YOUR plate today?

Brad Nelson is the vice president culinary and corporate chef of Marriott International, he has worked to build an international culinary team that continues to raise the bar in dining. He takes his respect for nature's simple, clean flavors and instill it into the philosophy of the numerous kitchens he oversees.


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