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Five Great Entry Level Hotel Jobs

Hotel and hospitality jobs are one of the fastest growing and most rewarding careers in the world. If you enjoy working with the public, there are so many opportunities in this industry to work with interesting people who come from all walks of life, different cultures and communities. It’s akin to experiencing the world without having to leave home right away. Why not be part of this exciting career choice by trying one of the five great entry level jobs in hotels?

One of the best entry level jobs in the hotel industry is working as a Guest Support Representative or Concierge as it’s often referred to. This job will allow you to work as a front line representative of the hotel and provide excellent customer service to the guests that decide to stay there. For this role, you must be comfortable interacting with the public, helping them make their room accommodations following hotel policies and assisting them with general questions. At times, this job can be stressful as you may be dealing with telephone calls, guests at the front desk or online requests, but if you can manage this well and maintain a courteous nature, then you will probably thrive in this fast paced environment.

If your passion for the hotel industry involves cooking great food, then you may want to consider working in an entry level position in the food services. Many hotels have in-house dining for their guests, therefore they need chefs, waitstaff and kitchen managers to work in their kitchen and dining areas. During the weekends and late evenings, they may need to keep cooks on hand to prepare food for their early morning guests or to provide food for their room services. This is a great place to get your start in hotel work and build a secondary career in culinary arts.

Do you love cars? Then working as a parking valet may be just the ticket for your entry into hotel work. Valets carefully park customer’s vehicles into secure parking areas and escort guests in the lobby area. Guests can be very generous to Valets so this is a great way to save up some extra money for college tuition or rent. Generally all you need is a clean driving record, a license and the ability to drive different types of vehicles.

If you would like to work behind the scenes in the hotel industry, yet want to be an important member of their staff, why not consider working as part of their environmental hygiene or maid team? These jobs are actually not too difficult to obtain if you don’t mind working hard, early morning hours and are a clean person by nature. Guests appreciate the efforts of the maid service when they find their rooms tidy and clean – so they do tip well for this kind of work.

Are you good at problem solving and fixing things? Then you will probably want to check out becoming part of the maintenance crew at a hotel. This can be a great way to keep the building operating properly and making sure guests don’t have to worry about their safety. At times, the maintenance crew may also act as the building security, so be prepared to be in a role of authority with this entry level job which could lend itself to a job in that industry later on.

If creating masterpieces of culinary delight is your passion, then you are probably already exploring all the great opportunities in the food services industry. Every cook aspires to be a head chef someday, being in charge of their own kitchen and staff. When they’ve really good, head chef’s often win regional or national awards for their efforts and this leads to a celebrity status for the few lucky head chefs who stand out. If you are dreaming of becoming a head chef someday, then here are some things you need to know about what its like to be a head chef.

If you are going to work as a head chef, not only do you have to have high standards for yourself, but you will need to be able to effectively manage other kitchen staff, including all of the cooks and wait staff that will be working under your direction. You will need to be able to coordinate your kitchen (back house) efforts with those of the people in the front of the restaurant. That means dealing with lots of different types of personalities, skill levels and priorities in the restaurant environment. There will be no time for bickering either as the restaurant managers and owners are depending on your leadership and time management abilities to deliver excellent food to their patrons in a timely fashion that will bring them back again and again.

Cooking for a living in a restaurant is very different from cooking for pleasure at home. That doesn’t mean that head chefs do not enjoy what they do, as surely loving the aspect of being in a kitchen creating delectable meals is what it’s all about. Cooking for a living means being able to adapt to what the consumers want, what the owners want and being creative enough to come up with solutions that will fit into their ideas of maintaining a budget. This can be a challenge, but a skilled head chef will be able to work within these kitchen “politics” to rise above and become successful.

The competition is fierce when a head chef is striving for celebrity status. That can mean other chefs within your own ranks trying to compete with you, neighboring restaurants giving you a hard time and even visiting celebrity chefs. Almost everyone wants to be on top in this industry so you must always keep your trade secrets to yourself and work hard at maintaining order in your kitchen as the head chef. If someone challenges you, remember you were in their shoes once and either work with that or eliminate them, but don’t do so at your own expense.

Being a head chef is an exciting career, but it is not without its own set of unique challenges. Working smarter, not harder should be your personal motto. Keep your wits about you and you could be the next top chef in your region.

The world of professional culinary arts can be a great place to find yourself as a working professional. At each level of your experience, you will be exposed to so many new things that you may find yourself overwhelmed and not sure of direction. It is true that working in a restaurant environment requires commitment, being able to think on your toes and taking responsibility for being part of the team. However, if you want to get somewhere in your own career, you have to start looking at where you want to end up in five to ten years – as a head chef. So, here are some key tips to help you become a head chef, when you are ready for greatness.

Learn how to manage yourself before you try to manage others. Since one of the duties of becoming a head chef is learning how to manage a “tight ship” in the kitchen environment, you will need to master these skills yourself first. You can do this by listening to the direction of your current head chef or kitchen manager and keep on top of things, without having to be told. This will show to others that you are capable of thinking under pressure which is a very important aspect of becoming a leader. Your peers will respect you for this trait and you will be the next in line when the current head chef decides to leave or assume other duties.

Learn to observe others under different conditions. One key to becoming a leader in the kitchen and in life as a general rule is taking time to observe others in different conditions. Are there kitchen staff that go into a crisis mode when faced with a busy evening? Are there wait staff who suddenly come out of their shells and start working to motivate or encourage others? It’s surprising how people will react or perform under pressure which is a very important aspect to becoming a head chef in the future. The head chef needs to know who is on board, who can perform and who needs more grooming to assemble a highly efficient team. Develop this habit of observation now and you will be a head start to getting there.

Use common sense when creating new dishes. One of the biggest errors that head chefs can make is trying to come up with extravagant dishes without putting into consideration the cost or time associated with creating them. It’s certainly noteworthy that many of the celebrity chefs have accomplished tasty meals without sacrificing showmanship, but they did this by being smart about the food itself. For example, some of the favorite dishes of consumers are regional dishes based on food grown in that region, and with meats, seafood or other ingredients that are native to the area where the restaurant is. It’s not advisable to try and import expensive foods in just to impress the few patrons that will be able to afford these dishes. That leads to waste and the restaurant owners will not take too kindly to that – in fact it’s a good way to get fired from a head chef position.

By following the above tips and advice, hopefully you will improve your chances of becoming a world-renowned head chef in your own time. There are still many opportunities to shine in this field, so give it your best and you will see the results of your labour in no time.

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