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Packages for chefs

One of the biggest skills shortages is of chefs, and many companies are now prepared to offer competitive salary packages, including profit-related pay, to more senior ranks in the kitchen. Says Watson: "Once trained, chefs can expect to earn a great deal more than they could ever have anticipated a decade ago, with better working conditions and benefits".

Employers also report skills shortages among hotel receptionists, management and all ranks of the kitchen. But, despite the shortages, the jobs are not exactly there for the taking. More and more employers are demanding high-quality staff, and they admit that new recruits will have to earn their money.

By that he means not putting in longer hours but working "smarter" - achieving more through better organisation, better training and management skills.

Watt reiterates that it is attitude which counts more than anything. "At the end of the day the thing that will differentiate individuals from one another Is not how wonderful their expertise is or how terrific their qualifications are: it's that mental attitude, that inner drive which says: 'I'm really going to go places".

Let's go to work - but where?

The better employment packages are more likely to come from the big firms than from the small private ones. But where smaller businesses can sometimes shine is in offering people more autonomy and a faster rise through the ranks.

The same goes for the different sectors of the catering industry: each has its benefits and drawbacks. Contact catering - feeding people in schools, hospitals and staff restaurants - may not have such a glamorous image, but the hours are mostly nine to five, a dream for anyone who dreads split shifts, and the pay is normally higher than other sectors.

In restaurants and pubs hours are longer, but the food and drink offers are constantly changing. One minute Spanish tapas are in, the next it's Thai, then it's back to good old British fare. Managers with the big brewers can expect salaries to match: last year some of Bass's top pub managers earned �50,000 - �60,000.

Hotels demand long hours too, and probably offer some of the lowest pay rates in the industry. But there are literally hundreds of jobs to choose from, from housekeeping to running a restaurant to personnel management. And hotels stress that responsibility starts young.

So where are the job opportunities? Market research firm Marketpower, which specialises in analysing the catering industry, predicts huge growth in what it calls the activity sector - such as pubs, cinemas and theme parks - where food is ancillary to the main activity.

According to Marketpower, this sector will account for 40% of the market in 2001, compared to 25% in 1981 and 37% today. It predicts that contract catering and restaurants will show little or no growth

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