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Top Schools for Chef Training

Are you a closet master chef? This article provides chef career and training information. Includes a few of the nation's top schools offering related programs!

Students with a strong interest in cooking might consider a career in culinary arts. While food preparation is a rather large industry with relatively high employee turn-over, executive chefs not only make more money than the average food worker, but, if skilled, find more job security as well.

Chef training is critical for those seeking positions in high-end, high-paying restaurants. In fact, many years of training and experience are not unheard of for top chefs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some chefs may start their training in high school or in a post-high school vocational program.

Other chefs receive formal training through independent cooking schools, through professional culinary institutes, or through college degree programs in culinary arts or hospitality. If you'd enjoy a profession that is fast-paced, exciting, and allows for creativity, you may find a career as a chef to be quite rewarding.

Students may also consider taking nutrition courses. A nutrition course can be helpful for students who are considering working for an employer who emphasizes healthy dining and adheres to certain diet restrictions.

List of Chef Training Colleges and Schools (Source: U.S. News,

1. Drexel University-

This private university has a restaurant and lounge that is ran by the students of the culinary arts and hospitality program. Undergraduate Student Body: 11,960; Faculty to Student Ratio: 1:10; Tuition Costs: $23,250; Average High School GPA of Incoming Freshmen: 3.5; Test Scores of Incoming Freshmen: ACT: Not Listed, SAT: More than 40% had scores 1000-1099. For more information, try

2. Johnson and Wales University-

This private institution prides itself on its career oriented curriculum. Undergraduate Student Body: 9,246; Faculty to Student Ratio: 1:27; Tuition Costs: $20,100; Average High School GPA of Incoming Freshmen: 2.9; Test Scores of Incoming Freshmen: ACT: Not Listed, SAT: More than 40% scored 400-499 (Only Verbal Scores were listed.). For more information, try

3. Mountain State University-

This private university tries to prepare its students for the world marketplace. Undergraduate Student Body: 3,742; Faculty to Student Ratio: 1:21; Tuition Costs: $7,350; Average High School GPA of Incoming Freshmen: 3.0; Test Scores of Incoming Freshmen: ACT: More than 40% had scores 18-23, SAT: More than 40% had scores 1000-1099

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