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Leaving your Catering Job, Chefs Job

When its time to leave the company you currently work for you should always act in a professional manner. Remember you may need them for a reference and also you never know when you may cross paths with them again.

Just imagine if you had let your emotions run away with you and you had told the boss exactly what you thought only to find later that they knew your new employers or worse still eventually ended up working with or in your new company.

So best thing to do is always keep things on a nice basis. Keep calm, never express any anger.

The following are some points you may wish to note:-

You should:-

Stay professional
Advise your employers face to face and give them your resignation letter
Remember you may come into contact with them at a later stage
Chose your references carefully and let them know your intentions and why you think you�re suitable for the new job.
Avoid any insults or aggressive conduct
You should never:-

Hand your notice in when you�re angry
Think that you have to give any reason at all why you want to leave � it�s your choice
Vent your frustration at them telling them of all the bad things you don�t like about their company.
If the issue that made you want to think about leaving related to financial reasons you should tell them so. It�s possible they may want to think about increasing your package rather than losing you to another company. Sometimes a letter of resignation can trigger this but you need to think carefully you don�t want to be back in the same position in another year�s time and you would also be messing about the company that has made you the offer and that might scupper any chance of you getting back in with that employer in the future.

When you resign it�s a good idea to do so after you have obtained another position. Not only would that give you less of the obvious financial strains that leaving a job without one to go to would produce but you would also be better placed. It�s often a fact that employers often prefer to employ those that are already in employment rather than those that are not.

Despite this many employees do resign without a job to go to, often it might be because they want to take a gap from work to reassess what they want to do next or just to take a holiday to think things over.

What ever your reasons or choices for wanting to resign you should always think carefully about it and always go about it in a professional manner

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