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From the Michelin to organics

Marc Veyrat, one of the most popular French chefs of haute cuisine - well-known worldwide for his character and the three stars that Michelin has assigned to both its restaurants (one in Annecy one in Megere), as well as for the 20/20 rate the Gault and Millau very difficult food critics gave him for the first time ever - has decided to start a new challenge and to dedicate to organic food.

After a long convalescence following to an accident in 2006, thus quitting at the top of a unique career in which cooking art and ability had always been joined with a tremendous knowledge of aromatic herbs and medicinal plants, he has abandoned the "Auberge de l'Eridan", its latest three-stars in Rhône-Alpes / Haute-Savoie.

The future of the chef in the black hat will no longer be characterized by restricted numbers of worshipping customers willing to pay at least €300 per meal. He will on the contrary devote to the "noisy multitude" that will crowd what we could call fast foods for organic food exclusively at totally inexpensive prices.

The idea is to open by 2010 again in Haute-Savoie, in Manigod, a small restaurant built according to the most sophisticated sustainable architecture methods (including water recovery) with around 20 seats and an organic menu based only on natural products, such as the garden's herbs and the meat from the domestic cattle breeding.

Furthermore, near Prague "L'Auberge de la Clairière" restaurant, or better to say gastronomic laboratory, is to be constructed in a forest, designed by the ecofriendly architect Petr Suske, where it will be possible to test a kind of contemporary and trendy cuisine made of extremely pure, organic and natural products.

The fast food pilot project is already complete, its name is Cozna Vera and will be located in Annency. For 15€ it will be possible to taste "blanquette de veau liée au manioc, bœuf bourguignon, tartiflette pour sept", Le Figaro Madame reports.

In this time of economic crisis, the choice of this popular and successful chef could lead to several interpretations. Certainly there are less and less people willing to pay exaggerated amounts of money to have dinner, even a very special one. Furthermore the wish to experiment new ways and challenges must also have been influential, especially for one who has already obtained all possible satisfactions.

What I would like to highlight here is the organic and natural choice, and the call toward first-choice ingredients, offered at low price. This is a countertrend decision in a circle where the final result is usually recognized. In times of crisis, this new start that don't give up innovation and experimentation is certainly an excellent way to play it safe when it comes to food ridefinition.
In a sector in which the challenge is usually highly aggressive and competitive, it is easy to figure out that one day we will see other chefs' conversions toward organic food. Then, I dare say, the official critics will not hold-up long and play along the new situation.

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