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Agency Chef

Agency chefs get used to changing from one job to another. While this thought could be daunting to many of us, these chefs thrive on the continuous change of workplace.

Being an agency chef could put you in very interesting places. One day you could be whisking up a cake on the banks of the River Thames and the next you could be preparing vol-au-vents in a plush inner-city restaurant.

Of course, this depends greatly on your experience and abilities and, in many cases these days, your qualifications. When a restaurant is hiring someone for a temporary placement within their kitchens they are naturally going to feel a little concerned as to whether or not you can perform. Obviously showing that you have the relative qualifications helps to put their mind at ease.

Still nothing beats experience and references with chef recruitment agencies. If you are looking to work as an agency chef, you would find it a lot easier to find work if you have previously worked in the catering and food industry for at least a couple of years so that you clearly know and understand the workings of the industry.

This way, if you were given a job as a chef in a restaurant in which you had never worked before, you would not be at a loss. You would just need to know where the equipment was and then you could just get on with the orders.

If you are looking for the position of head chef as an agency chef, this could be quite a heavy responsibility so you would obviously have to have the relative industry experience that goes with it. At the same time you could demand a good wage working in the higher positions as an agency chef.

Working as an agency chef offers people a chance to work in establishments that they may never have had the chance to ever work in, like in the kitchens of expensive hotels and restaurants. Besides this, they only work temporarily in one place before moving to another, adding a real element of variety to their job.

To handle this sort of thing, the chef must be well experienced in his field and have a reasonable amout of self confidence. Some choose to be open to a variety of positions, being available for food preparation, pastry chef positions, chef de parties etc. that may be on offer, while others prefer to stick to their specialised areas.

For those of you considering working as an agency chef, the lifestyle is certainly appealing, but you must bear in mind that you need to be fully versed in your role as chef before attempting this field of the food industry or you could find yourself in a real stew

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