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Choosing Materials for Your Chefs Knives

A chef’s knives can be very near and dear to his heart being the one of the most important set of tools for his craft. This is why it is so important to take care when selecting your chefs knives. Taking the time to careful to select the right materials of the highest quality is well worth the time and effort. This can be daunting if you don’t know what you are looking for, so it’s a good idea to educate yourself before buying chefs knives.

The first thing to consider when deciding which chefs knives to buy is which material you want the knife to be made of. There are a few to choose from. In blades, you can choose between ceramic, stainless steel, carbon steel, or laminated. Each material has its benefits and its disadvantages and it is important to keep these in mind when deciding.

Carbon steel is perhaps one of the most popular materials for chefs knives. It tends to be stronger and holds an edge longer than regular steel, but is also prone to rusting if not given the proper care. Chefs knives made from carbon steel are very high maintenance.

Stainless steel is more resistant to stains, won’t affect food flavour and doesn’t rust, but it also doesn’t hold a very sharp edge. Certain blades made in Japan are specially designed to stay sharp, some say they are even equal to carbon steel blades. These highly exotic chefs knives come at a high price, though.

Laminated chefs knives are made of several layers of different steels in an attempt to create a superior knife. These often consist of a stronger steel base with a more fragile edge. They are designed to hold an edge for longer, while withstanding the daily rigours of kitchen life.

The last type of material is ceramic. These chefs knives are difficult to sharpen as they require a special technique using specific equipment. However, they also hold an edge for longer than any of the other materials, which makes them highly desirable. Ceramic also doesn’t change the taste of the food it comes in contact with.

Which material you choose will depend greatly in how much time you can afford your knives. Stainless steel is the lowest maintenance of all, while carbon steel requires plenty of time and care as well as rest between uses. Choosing your chefs knives is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as a chef, select wisely.

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