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Michelin Star Chefs Enjoy Recognition and Career Advancement Opportunities

The Michelin Guide has been around since the early 1900s and started as a car and road trip guide. Andre and Edouard Michelin wanted to create a guide to the best restaurants and accommodations available along the travel route of motorists. The guide quickly became incredibly popular for its restaurant information as it highlighted the most exceptional chefs and eateries. It is now the oldest such publication and is now considered the most well-known and influential guide in the culinary world. Many anxiously await its yearly publication, whether culinary aficionados or industry insiders.

The Michelin Guide reviews and rates top restaurants and world chefs with a ratings system of one to three stars with the highest rated being three star chefs and restaurants. Many chefs strive to be listed as a Michelin three star chef as this gives them a high amount of exposure. A three star chef can experience a high level of fame and wealth that may not have been likely without the acknowledgement of the Michelin guide. Many star chefs strive to stay a Michelin star chef as they could lose business and their public name if they go on to lose stars. The Michelin star rating is the most recognized rating system in the culinary world for all of Western Europe.

A three star Michelin rating will create a high level of visibility for a chef. Many chefs strive for such recognition as it creates many new opportunities within the culinary field. A three star rating is a testament to a chef�s talent for food preparation and creativity as well as the business skills needed to run a successful operation. This is considered one of the highest levels of achievement a chef can attain. Each year before publication, there is much speculation as to which chefs may be included in the guide as well as which will lose stars or no longer be featured. Often you may here of rising star chefs who have been recognized for their exceptional skills and will most likely go on to become three star chefs featured in the Michelin guide.

Many who become three star chefs go on to share their expertise with others looking to further their skills. They also have opportunities to share recipes and insight through writing books or being featured on television shows. A three star rating in the Michelin guide also serves to greatly enhance business at the restaurants the chef works with or owns. High star restaurants or entrepreneurs will seek out three star chefs to work with them due to their enhanced skills as well as the fame attached to a three star rating. Many star chefs go on to develop their own business as individual chefs or in catering and hire others on in catering jobs as their business grows. A three star rating is great publicity for those that have proven themselves as the top chefs in the industry and a testament to the quality and creativity of their dishes.

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