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The Foie Gras Debate

Whilst the move to ban foie gras from our restaurant menus is based on sound animal anti-cruelty ethics, a further debate is raised and that is: �what happened to personal choice?�

We at ChefsworldTM disagree with the farming methods for foie gras. We also disagree with steroid usage in the dairy and beef industry, genetically modified foods and battery chicken farming.

But the issue at hand is really about information and education. If consumers are given the information on the ingredients and components of foods, cosmetics, textiles and materials, then they are given the power to choose. This includes what chefs are able to prepare and serve.

Says Patrick Holford Director at Soil Association, the United Kingdom�s leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health: �Real change always happens from the ground up. It's how the organic movement was born and I think it's how it will further develop in its next chapter.�

Worldwide, there is a move towards sustainable business and agricultural practices. This is not Government, retail or supply driven, it is consumer driven.

ChefsworldTM does not dictate to its readers. We offer information in order to educate and inform, rather than enforce. ChefsWorld is a world created by chefs for chefs. Chefs Forums enables chefs to communicate globally on just such issues.

The foie gras debate is therefore far more than an attempt to outlaw cruelty to animals. It is potentially another removal of choice. Why not disseminate accurate information through multiple communication channels and allow the population to decide?

This release conveys the opinion of the founders of ChefsworldTM. For further enquiries or information, email:

This release was submitted in response to York city council.

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