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Finding The Perfect Chef

ChefsWorld creates a networking system to combat the global demise of the professional chef and a system that empowers chefs in the marketplace.

´┐ŻAs a professional chef, I see youngsters come and go all to frequently, gone are the days when you chose a profession and stuck at it. Nowadays a commis chef has a bad experience in a kitchen and leaves the profession´┐Ż So how do we fix this? By creating a networking system we allow chefs of all calibres to work in a different kitchen to theirs. For example a chef in a large commercial kitchen might want to try a small fine dining kitchen or a speciality seafood kitchen.

Head Chefs can register their kitchen on the system, this then allows other chefs to send a request to spend a day or a week in their kitchen, all of this is undertaken free of charge and free of remuneration for their work.

The registered kitchen might find their perfect chef this way, but more importantly it allows chefs to see and try new styles and operational techniques keeping chefs interested and in the profession.

ChefsWorld is now calling upon all Head Chefs to register their kitchen on the system, no matter how large or small, we all have a duty to keep the profession alive. a world created by chefs for chefs. This system would benefit all grades of chefs, Head Chef, sous chefs, chef de partie and commis chefs alike.

For any further information please contact Tim Capper.

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