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Chefs Standing Together as professionals

ChefsWorld, a new recourse web site for Chefs is starting to make its mark in the industry. Chefs around the world are using ChefsWorld as a platform to promote themselves as professionals. Chefs have been denied the status as professionals in the industry for to long and Chefs are fighting back.

ChefsWorld and Chefs are trying to get the industry as a whole to realise that the Chef is their business. For years the catering industry has battled with ever decreasing numbers of Chefs available with available chefs jobs ever increasing. The simple fact and remedy to this problem is to recognise Chefs as professionals and remunerate according to this status.

�This site is a result of my personal passion to empower and honour Chefs. For many years I have worked in kitchens that appeared to have been built as an afterthought, with limited space, bad design and the resulting difficult workspaces. You then jump to the extreme with massively over designed kitchens. I have also experienced, as you may have, being taken advantage of, not acknowledged and bad pay.

As my life evolved to include a family, my passion was no longer enough to keep me in the kitchen and I realised that if enough chefs felt the way I did and had a platform to communicate with one another, then there is a chance for chefs to actively start changing their own industry through standing together and demanding their rights.

This is the reason for creating this chefs forum. It's a place for us to chat, share chef resources and information, educate and find a different breed of employer, chefs jobs and ultimately, to create a platform for Chefs of this World to communicate with one another.

This site also aims to put employers and Chefs into direct contact with one another, cutting out agencies and fees and creating a communication channel that gives you both more control over your working environment and chef recruitment.

To make this work, we need enough chefs like you to use this site and make it the one and only place to search for chefs. Once critical mass is reached, you can negotiate your own terms and fate.

So welcome to your world. It really is your world.� Chefs jobs, chef recruitment, chefs forums.

ChefsWorld a World created by Chefs for Chefs.
We Provide the facility for Chef Employers and Chef Recruitment Agencies to advertise their jobs online to recruit a Chef or find a Chef online.
The Chef Jobs site has : Executive chef jobs, Head chef jobs, Sous Chef jobs, Chef de Partie Jobs, Commis Chef Jobs, Pastry Chef Jobs, Development Chef Jobs, Consultant Chef Jobs, Specialist Chef Jobs - all levels of chef and Catering Jobs.
The Chef Section has : Chef Forums, Chef Network, Chef Recipes, Rate Employers, Suppliers Offers and Chef Links.

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