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Chefs Kitchen Utensils, Chefs Knives


Kitchen utensils used by chefs are tools used daily in commercial kitchens. They must be scrupulously clean and in excellent working order. This is the chefs responsibility.
They are grouped as follows
� Knives
� Kitchen utensils

Chefs Knives

Knives are expensive, delicate tools. They are available in many sizes, for many uses. The chefs knife should be made of high grade, rust free steel.


� Chefs Knife Butcher knife
� Bread Knife Meat Slicer
� Smoked salmon slicer Fileting Knife
� Boning Knife Cheese slicer
� Turning Knife Paring Knife
� Peeler

Kitchen Utensils for chefs

Ladles Lifters
� Spider Roasting spatula
� Sauce ladle Stir fry spatula
� Perforate skimmer Fish Lifter
� Soup ladle Rosti spatula

Whips Wooden Spoons

Wire whisk Wooden spoon
Balloon whisk Slotted wooden spoon
Machine whisk Stirrer
Banded whisk Spatula for Teflon

Spatulas Forks

Palette knife Delicatessen fork
Offset spatula Pot fork
Rounded tip turner Bayonet meat fork
Square tip turner Carving fork

Speciality Chef Knives

� Oyster knife Demidov knife Butter curler
� Grapefruit knife Decorating knife Radish cutter
� Cheese knife Swivel bladed peeler Dough switchblade
� Mezzaluna Citrus zester

These are the tools of a professional chef.

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