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Chef Cookware, Catering Equipment

identify the correct Fry Pan Generally made from steel or cast Iron
Poele lyonnaise Saute, brown, and fry

Nonstick Frying Pan Cannot withstand high heat, not scratch resistant
Poele au Teflon Saute with little or no fat

Crepe Pan Small pan with low sides
Poele au crepes Special, to prepare thin pancakes and blinis

Griddle Pan Round or square pan, usually cast Iron
Poele a griller Thick bottom requires longer preheating

Paella Pan Steel pan with two handles and lid
Poele a paella Used as cooking pan and serving dish
Prepare and serve the Spanish speciality Paella

Saute Pan Shallow skillet with sloping sides
Sauteuse Glaze, stew, and saut�

Saucepan Small, shallow pan
Sautoir Poach, saut�, boil, and braise small portions

Saucepan (high sided) Pan with long spot welded handle
Casserole a manche Multiple uses
Blanche, boil, poach, stew, braise, and butter-roast

Pressure Cooker Safety valve and rubber seal
Marmite a pression Includes steamer jacket
Pressure steam small portions

Braising Pot Shallow pan with loop handles
Rondeau Poach, stew, braise, butter-roast

Low Sauce pot Pot with loop handles
Marmite basse Blanch, boil, poach, stew

Tall Stock Pot Tall pot with loop handles
Marmite haute Blanche, boil

Roasting Pan Usually black steel or stainless steel
Rotissoire Rectangular pan with rounded cormners
Roast, poach in water bath

Braising Pan Higher sides than roasting pan
Braisiere Always with lid
Pan and lid have folding handles
Braise, butter-roast

A chef needs to be able to equipment for the Job

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