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1. What do you mean by the 'UK Hospitality and Catering industry'?

This term covers an enormous range of enterprises including:
national and international branded name chains of hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee lounges, sports clubs, etc;
national branded name chains of pubs, wine bars and clubs;
medium sized companies with smaller numbers of the above;
individual owner managed businesses e.g independent hotels, pubs restaurants, etc.
The industry is expanding rapidly and offers excellent opportunities to experienced chefs and cooks at all levels.

2. What sort of experience do I need to work in the UK Hospitality and Catering sector?

The very broad based, international experience demonstrated by many of the hospitality and catering staff we recruit from Central and Eastern Europe is highly regarded by UK employers. The overall answer to the question is therefore that any and all experience is most welcome!

However, many UK employers in this sector are also prepared to train overseas staff with no experience but who are able to demonstrate the personal qualities needed in terms of 'customer facing' skills.

And how do you know whether you possess these skills - simple - come and have an interview with us!

3. Do I need to be able to speak English?

Yes. Your English does not have to be perfect but you must obviously be able to give and receive instructions and communicate with your colleagues.

If you are concerned whether your standard of English is acceptable to our clients just give us a ring - we will soon tell you whether it is or is not!

We may also be able to advise on ways in which your English could be improved.

4. Where are your clients in the UK?

Everywhere! We deal with clients located throughout the British Isles from the North coast of Scotland down to London and the South East plus Wales and Ireland.

5. Can I choose where I go?

Of course. But obviously our clients can only offer positions where they have vacancies so the more flexible you are prepared to be concerning location, the more opportunities that will be available to you.

6. What about accommodation?

Your accommodation will be arranged by your employer who will attempt to find the best price and a location as close as possible to your place of work if they are unable to offer you accommodation on site. Each employer has slightly different accommodation arrangements for their staff coming from overseas.

All of them will assist with landlord's deposits and other preliminary costs that may be required, possibly providing you with an interest free loan repayable by deductions from your salary over a period of time.

Accommodation prices will vary considerably depending on the region where you will be living, with the London area being the most expensive.

If you are living off-site, you will be responsible for paying local Council tax, gas, electricity, etc. as well as rent. You will also be responsible for keeping the property you are renting clean and in good order - landlords always impose financial penalties for any damage or cleaning costs they may incur once you have left the premises.

7. Will my job be secure? What rights will I have? Will I have a contract of employment?

As a registered worker in the UK, your overall employment rights are protected by law with regards to aspects such as being provided with a proper contract of employment, the minimum wage to which you are entitled, the number of working hours per week that you will be expected to undertake, your health and safety at work, minimum amounts of paid holiday, etc. You can also expect to receive no less than the same terms and conditions that your employer offers to their British employees.

However, no employer offers exactly the same terms and conditions as another.
There are also variations in rates of pay around the country - for example, pay is generally higher in London and the South East but against this, the cost of living is higher in this region.

Please remember that your employment contract imposes legal responsibilities on both your employer and yourself. Once the contract is signed, your employer must - by law - adhere to the terms of the contract - this is your protection against unscrupulous behaviour by the employer. However, by signing the contract you are also agreeing to undertake the requirements within the contract with regards to the work you do and the way you do it.

All our UK clients are respected companies who take great interest in the welfare, training and working conditions of their employees. Our UK clients are aware that we provide an 'after care' service that includes making Hungarian or Polish staff based available to speak to you in your own language if required.

8. How do I become a registered worker in the UK?

As citizens of the newly extended European Union, Hungarian and Polish workers no longer require work permits or visas to travel to or work within the UK.

However, any UK organisation employing accession country workers is required to register all such workers with the UK authorities under a Workers Registration Scheme.

In order to register you under the scheme, your UK employer will submit a form containing details about you to the Home Office as soon as you start work.
Your employer will also need to send your passport off with the form for purposes of identification. Don't worry - your passport be will returned within 2 weeks!

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