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Chefs Employment Resources: Online and Offline, Catering & Chefs Jobs

Finding chefs employment takes a bit of effort, unless you are another Gordon Ramsey! Knowing which resources are available to you is the first step to finding that dream job, being employed as a chef in the location of your desire.


In the real world, you will find several different chefs employment resources. These are your best option if you prefer to talk to real people and look at actual papers. However, offline job searches can be far more time consuming and you may have to travel to find the resources.

Employment agencies are one place you can start. They usually have listings for a variety of jobs which may or may not include chefs employment. An agency can place you in jobs within their area, so if you are planning to apply to jobs all over the country, you will probably need to make trips to other agencies.

Another option is to simply go to the restaurant or hotel that you would like to work at and offer them your services as chef. If you are lucky, they will have an opening that you can fill. Otherwise, ask them to keep your name and CV on file in case something comes up.

Chefs publications often carry employment positions in the back and are worth checking to see if there is anything that you could apply for. Don�t leave out regular newspapers, either, although finding chefs employment in these is more unlikely.


Searching for chefs employment online is far easier and faster than doing so offline. However, if you aren�t certain of yourself on the computer, it might be a bit daunting at first.

Doing a search for chefs employment on any search engine should turn up a good number of websites that have job listings on them. Discard any that are general job boards, since they are of little use to chefs who are seeking employment. Rather, look for job sites that cater directly to chefs and restaurants.

Setting up a profile with your CV and contact info is pretty easy. Just sign up for an account at a chefs employment site such as and add your information. You can then browse through the job listings for something that interests you. Potential employers will also be able to look at your information and contact you if they are interested in hiring you. It is up to you to decide if you want to take the job or not.

Whether on the internet or off, you will find plenty of resources for finding chefs employment.

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