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Chef Jobs within the Catering Industry

There are many varying types of opportunities available within the catering industry for a chef. You can work in many different types of restaurants offering a wide variety of different cuisines and atmospheres. You may decide to work in a stand alone restaurant or perhaps a hotel, resort, or aboard a cruise ship. There is also a lot of opportunity in catering jobs and banquet facilities. Many chefs go on to own their own business offering catering services or individual chef services within the home. There are so many directions you can take as a chef, especially if you have the talent, drive, and creativity that is guaranteed to open the doors of opportunity.

You can be trained in the culinary arts in as little as six months, though often you can advance more quickly in your career with higher levels of training and degreed programs. It is also best to have an internship or other additional on-hands training with a chef known for their exceptional culinary skills as this will also help jump start your career. Sometimes, depending on your position, you may also need a license in addition to your training and degree. You can still advance in your career as a chef with less training and schooling. However, it will take you many more years to work up the corporate ladder to rise to level you may be seeking in your career.

You may decide you�d like to work to become an executive chef. Executive chefs are usually in charge of the kitchen and the other kitchen staff and restaurant chefs. They have a higher level of visibility within the industry than a standard chef. They have many additional responsibilities including coordinating schedules and work stations and ensuring the kitchen runs as efficiently as possible. They often decide on menu options and set menu prices taking into account their customer base as well as cost. Many executive chefs are involved in the hiring, firing, and evaluation of the kitchen staff and are often involved in tracking overhead and kitchen inventory. Often executive chefs are involved in customer satisfaction and will converse with restaurant patrons often to get a feel for how well they enjoy the food and service.
If you have business skills and are more entrepreneurial minded, you may decide to go into business for yourself.

Once you have obtained the appropriate training and have gained significant experience within the field, you may be able to start a lucrative business for yourself. The two most popular and successful avenues for chef self-employment are in catering and as personal home chefs. Some chefs that have built a name and reputation for themselves go on to own their own successful restaurants.

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