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Chef Recruitment within Catering Jobs & Chefs Jobs

Anyone who is interested in getting one of the many catering jobs available after graduation from culinary school should think about some form of chef recruitment. Just like with any other career choice, chefs must actively seek out jobs in the competitive culinary world. While many dream of having their own restaurant or catering business and becoming a world-famous chef, you have to start somewhere.

Some recent culinary graduates were recruited right from their culinary institute. Restaurants actively seeking new culinary talent will visit the schools and seek out potential new chefs. Other recent culinary graduates visit different caterers, restaurants, and cafes in hopes of landing an interview or audition. Many times, a resume is presented to the restaurant then the potential chef will prepare a series of dishes for the potential employer.

However, catering jobs may not come easily as not every chef can find a job as easily as being recruited right from school or walking into a restaurant. Many require the services of chef recruitment programs, many of which can be found online. These programs cater particularly to restaurants seeking new chefs and chefs seeking new jobs. The programs also categorize the potential job opportunities according to type, including, but certainly not limited to Executive Chefs, Head Chefs, Sous Chefs, Chef de Partie jobs, Commis Chef jobs, Pastry Chef jobs, and every other level of chef job you can imagine. Also, these programs are great for Consulting Chefs and Specialty Chefs. These online services allow for both the restaurants and the chef to post their needs and services.

Chef recruitment does not always just occur within the restaurant industry. Any employer needing a chef of any kind will engage in such recruitment. For example, cruise ships, resorts, and even NASA seek out chefs to prepare meals and desserts for their events and even employees. For example, Rachael Ray, a self-proclaimed �non-chef� was recently asked by NASA to prepare some of her unique recipes for the astronauts. She also was asked to make their favorite dishes so that NASA could prepare the food for space travel.

Remember, not every chef will step right out of culinary school and into their own restaurant, get catering jobs or own a catering business, or television show. It usually takes years of hard work, training, and rejection before he or she can claim greatness. However, many chefs get a foot in the door with active chef recruitment, which is made so much easier with the Internet and technology.

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