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Top Three Places for Recruiting Chefs

If you want to recruit chefs, you need to know where to go. Where are the best chefs looking for work, or are they? Where do you look for high quality staff for your kitchen? This article will cover the top five places for chef recruitment.

1. Job agencies are one of the more popular ways to go about recruiting chefs. You can either place an ad with the requisites for the job, or take a look at the chefs who are actively searching for work and have their profiles up.

The best way to search several job agencies or listings in a short amount of time is to go online. There are plenty of online job listings for chefs and these are ideal for recruiting chefs. You can leave an ad up for recruiting chefs, or just do a search for someone with the characteristics and experience that you want in a chef.

2. Other restaurants and hotels are the perfect place for chef recruitment. You can try the food out ahead of time and visit the kitchen to get a feel for the chef in action. If the person appeals to you, make them an offer they can�t refuse!

Recruiting chefs from other kitchens is a good way to get someone that you know works well. These chefs will also have experience and you can see first hand how they work in the kitchen, their management style, etc. If you like to know exactly what you are walking into, this could be the route for you.

This is obviously only for those who don�t mind making enemies in the industry, since no one will appreciate you stealing their chefs!

3.Chef schools are a good place for chef recruitment. If you don�t mind training someone up to do things in a particular way, this can be an excellent area to check out and find new kitchen staff. The downside is that new chefs tend to be rather inexperienced and may be unsure of themselves in the kitchen.

Chef recruitment is one of the best ways to get top chefs, but only if you know where to look. With the three places listed here, you are off to a good start and should be able to start recruiting chefs shortly.

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