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Job Opportunities for Relief Chefs

One avenue in chef employment you may want to consider is a job as a relief chef. There are many great opportunities for a chef in these types of positions. Relief chefs enjoy flexibility and can gain great experience while sampling different types of restaurants, kitchens and eating establishments.

Relief chefs offer employers their services on a temporary basis that can be short or long term to cover sicknesses, holidays and vacations. Employers may also use relief chefs to cover staffing emergencies and shortages. Working as a relief chef can broaden your horizons and allow you to gain experience, knowledge and skills from a variety of places.

There are many types of positions available as a relief chef. These can include as a sous chef, pastry chef and chef de partie jobs as well as head or executive chef positions. There are numerous possibilities in job positions and also in the types of jobs, whether in catering, hotels, restaurants or resorts. Becoming a relief chef can provide you with many different experiences in different types of chef employment and organizations while gaining valuable experience at the same time. Relief chefs have a lot of choice and flexibility in the types of positions they can choose.

As a relief chef you can choose short or long term assignments and have a choice of the available openings. A job as a relief chef usually offers a good hourly pay rate. Many times employers will also pay for your travel expenses, accommodations and meals. You can decide whether or not you want to take time off between assignments and for how long. Sometimes you may even be offered relief chef positions that are temporary to permanent. This may be ideal if you receive an opportunity as a relief at a particular place you would like to work in or in the type of position you are seeking for long term career employment.

There are recruitment agencies that specialize in relief chef placement that can have you on the road to becoming a relief chef. Some focus solely on relief chef placement and work very closely with employers and the chefs signed up with their agencies. They will request your CV and schedule an interview with you. They also usually help with updating your CV if needed and work with you to enhance your interview skills. ( is also a great resource for relief chefs. It was started by chefs for chefs and contains industry information and networking opportunities for chefs within the UK. As a member, you can browse relief chef job listings and submit your CV to the site to be viewed by potential employers

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