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Catering Jobs and Private Catering

Catering jobs offer an exciting career choice for anyone with the desire and skill to cook well. Many distinct differences exist between catering jobs and restaurant positions. Although both types of work are fast-paced, caterers have the need for more personal customer-service skills, a greater variety of dishes, and an adventurous spirit since catering jobs do not provide the job security that working in a large restaurant offers.

Both working as a caterer and working in a restaurant provide a fast-paced and highly coordinated work environment. However there are still major differences between the speed needed in a restaurant kitchen and the organization necessary to perform both jobs to the best of your ability. While a kitchen in a restaurant setting is filled with orders that must be prepared as soon as possible and the entire staff is running around like crazy trying to fill every order on time, a catering job is more about quickly preparing an entire meal, or several courses that all must be ready to go at the same time. This is where good organizational skills come into play, arranging cook times and dish preparation to all complete simultaneously. Catering jobs also require good time management when you consider that the food needs to be packed, transported and served in a timely and professional fashion.

Restaurant workers often get to stay in a kitchen and work behind the scenes to complete orders given from customers to waiters, from waiters to kitchen staff and then to the actual chefs. Caterers, on the other hand, spend a good deal of time working face-to-face with clients preparing menus and ironing out delivery and serving schedules. In this case, catering jobs require more work and a different set of skills than being hired by a restaurant and cooking what customers order.

Many restaurants, even very high-class ones, have a menu that they mostly prepare every night with perhaps a couple of specials thrown in for good measure. Catering jobs require the ability to create a large variety of dishes in order to suit the needs of every client. No caterer wants to have to tell a prospective customer that they are unable to create an entire vegetarian menu or an ethically themed meal and watch that client move on to the next caterer on the list.

Catering jobs have the disadvantage of not being as secure as restaurant work. Whereas a restaurant is often established and has a brand and location with which to lure in customers, a caterer has to rely mostly on word of mouth and modest advertising methods like flyers or small newspapers ads. That's why an adventurous spirit is a good thing to have if you wish to pursue catering jobs.

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