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Catering Supply/Suppliers for Chefs

One of the most common catering jobs to get into is that of the catering supply/suppliers. These companies provide almost everything a caterer would need to organize an event that both the caterer and the client will remember. Catering suppliers can provide everything from the linen and tablecloths to the silverware, dishes, and glasses thereby making catering jobs easy. Additionally, a catering supply company can also provide cooking implements, furniture for food presentation as well as the guests, cleaning supplies, and refrigeration.

Not only is it the job of the caterer to prepare and provide a delicious meal for the event her or she was hired for, but to make sure that the presentation of that meal and its quality is of the highest caliber. This means that not only must the food and drink taste good, but it also must be kept at the proper serving temperatures during travel and the event. Additionally, a caterer must ensure that plenty of food and drink are available for immediate use. A catering supply/supplier can help with all of these needs.

For instance, a catering supplier can provide the caterer with insulated carriers for food transportation. This ensures that the food is kept either hot or cold enough to serve safely once the event begins. Often, a caterer will be unable to prepare much of the food on site, and will therefore need to prepare some appetizers in advance. The catering supplier can also provide disposable utensils and dinnerware that is intended for one-time use. This can include paper napkins, plates, cups, toothpicks, as well as any foam for insulation of food containers.

Many catering supply/suppliers rent some equipment to caterers, such as implements in which to transport prepared foods. However, many companies will require the caterer to purchase the equipment. For the caterer who is just starting out, rental may be the best way to maintain a great event while staying within budget. Some of the larger equipment such as ice machines, portable bars, portable dishwashers and ovens may be rented rather than purchased at first.

While many may think that the catering supplier will provide only the furniture and food-related items that is not true. Many well-established catering suppliers will also provide centerpiece items, ice sculptures, and champagne fountains for more formal events. Finding a catering supply/supplier that can accommodate almost every need will surely help the caterer pull off a great event.

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