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Starting a home-based catering business is a popular choice for chefs who find working in a restaurant too limited and overly restrictive. Of course starting a catering business in your home isn't easy and shouldn't be rushed into without much preparation. Choosing the right cooking school and taking additional business courses is a necessity. First working as a kitchen or catering assistant can point you in the right direction for opening your own catering company. Don't neglect the business aspects in your eagerness to start providing quality catering to clients. Write a good business plan, research local health and zoning laws and invest in good legal advice while filling out paperwork and interpreting applicable regulations. Finally, hire good help and partner with good suppliers to ensure the success of your home-based catering business.

A professional and thorough cooking school will give you the necessary foundation and experience to convince potential clients that you are qualified to serve as their caterer. Catering jobs are often highly competitive so know that you need to come into the market from a position of strength and a good quality education can provide that for you. It may be a good idea to take a few business courses on top of cooking courses so that you are prepared for the significant undertaking that starting a small business represents. Learning how to prepare a business plan, apply for financing, and perform market analysis will give you an idea if opening your own businesses really for you or if you should consider just working for someone else instead. Remember to hire a lawyer with knowledge of business law to help you set up documents and adhere to any health codes or coning laws before taking on any catering jobs.

It may be a good idea to apply for a temporary position as an assistant or worker under an already established catering company. Experience at catering jobs will further prove your expertise to future clients or may just prove to you that catering jobs aren't right for you after all. Research the background of any catering jobs you consider before you apply so you can be sure that the work you will be performing is something that will help you in your future catering jobs. You wouldn't want to take a chefs job with a caterer that only prepares cold foods when you plan on offering a full selection of heated dishes at your catering company. Match the experience with your needs if possible.

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