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Hotel Jobs for Chefs

Hotel Jobs covers a variety of sized properties and also specific types of hotels dictates the type of hotel jobs therein. For this we will take a standard hotel if one could be called that nowadays because the sheer diverse nature of the catering industry or hospitality industry as they now prefer.

We will separate hotel jobs into two main divisions. Front of House and Back of House. The names clearly dictate the types of jobs and functions carried within. Front of house encompasses all the people that you may meet. Reception, porters, concierge, waiting staff. The Back of House encompasses: Chefs, Cleaning staff, maintenance, stores, admin and clerical and general management.

The Kitchen within hotel or catering jobs can differ in size and skill, but a general overview would bean Executive chef, sous chef, Pastry chefs, and chefs de partie and commis chefs. Then we would have the kitchen porters and support staff. This may surprise some but a majority of catering jobs within the broader term of hotel jobs are staffed with casual or temporary staff. This trend has increased as the business climate becomes more competitive. Catering staff is called in as and when business dictates the extra catering staff be available. Hotel jobs are very demanding in the very nature that the business operates 24hrs a day 365 days a year. Catering jobs and the staff therein create a bond within the hotel that no other industry creates, perhaps military personal in battle conditions. This may sound extreme but having partaken in both these is how I like to describe the feeling created within hotel and catering jobs in general.

Catering jobs and hotel jobs, because of the very nature of the beast creates an incestuous environment in witch to work. Chefs in particular share a unique bond and camaraderie with one another. There is always the exception to the rule but this as I have described is often the case. Catering jobs are hard, demanding but very rewarding for the right candidate. ChefsWorld concentrates as the name depicts on Chefs within this vast array of catering jobs and hotel jobs. Please feel free to use the forums to discuss the industry with chefs and fellow chefs already involved within the catering and hospitality industry.

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