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Catering jobs for Chefs down under

The annual government guide to Australian jobs was launched yesterday, and shows that accountants, electricians and those in the medicine industry have good prospects � and they'll get extra points when emigrating too.

It seems that chefs are in demand in australia and it has never been beter to get a visa. Mind you guys just make sure that you have all the fact before you make the leap, The chefs grass is not alwayse greener on the other side.

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Joe Hockey, launched Australian Jobs 2007 yesterday, a guide providing the latest information on over 400 jobs and trades in the Australian labour market, including past employment trends and projected employment growth.
The guide is a great resource for anyone planning a move Down Under, as it helps to highlight which areas and trades are on the up, plus what each job typically involves. It's also essential for any Brits hoping to relocate to Australia via a skilled migration visa.

"Accountants, electricians, medical scientists, chefs and plumbers are listed as having good job prospects over the next five years," and catering jobs. "The new guide is well worth looking at for those thinking about their careers. The publication also provides comprehensive labour market information for each state and territory. Australian Jobs 2007 provides an analysis of labour market growth over the past five years and also points to where the job opportunities are likely to be in the next five years."

Most of the jobs with "good prospects" also coincide nicely with Australia's Migration Occupations on Demand cirthin the catering sector and especially chefs jobs.

I have met a few aussie chefs who reckon that in the summer the kitchens are a nightmare to work in and that the tax is bad, so they come over here for six months and sort out temp catering jobs here

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