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Getting Started in Catering Jobs

If you have only ever worked in hotel and restaurant kitchens, you might be surprised at what is required of you when you begin looking for catering jobs. These jobs are often more difficult because of the wide variety of recipes and techniques you will be required to master in a short amount of time.

Each contract with the catering company will present new challenges. The host may have a special request, such as only vegan dishes or a wheat free six course meal. Rarely, if ever, is a menu repeated. The dishes will constantly be changing and you will be required to be able to not only prepare them in great quantities while keeping the quality high, but also to adapt them to special requests.

Catering jobs require the transportation of food to the location of the event. Some of the food will be able to be prepared ahead of time, and will need to be kept cool or hot as the occasion warrants. This is a very important part of catering and you will need to know exactly how to prepare and pack food for safe travel so it arrives undamaged and ready to serve. One misstep and you could end up scrambling to redesign the entire menu!

You will also need to be adaptable, able to work under a variety of conditions since not all catering jobs will be in a spacious, well-equipped kitchen. At times, you may find yourself cooking along with several other caterers, crammed into a miniature kitchen at an event hall, or cooking in a makeshift kitchen set up in the stall of a barn. The possibilities are never ending and you are bound to find yourself cooking under less-than-perfect conditions at times.

As a caterer, you will be required to prepare large numbers of the same dish, but only once! The ability to make an entire meal from start to finish, with appetizers, entrees, soups, salads and desserts is a must. It is the ideal opportunity for someone who gets bored doing the same thing over and over again.

Catering jobs are not for everyone. If you don�t like moving around and having your cooking stage constantly changing, don�t even think about taking any catering jobs, stick to a restaurant kitchen. However, if you enjoy change and new things, then catering may be just the thing for you.
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