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Catering Jobs vs. Chefs Jobs

So, you want to work in the food industry. How do you choose where, though? Do you want to work at catering jobs or chefs jobs? What is the difference? This article will explore the two so you can make an informed choice.

The basic difference between the two is that catering jobs are transient jobs, requiring you to either cook or transport food to a one-time location, whereas chefs jobs are fixed, working in the kitchen of a restaurant or a hotel. Let�s take a closer look at the two.

Catering jobs tend to appeal to chefs who enjoy cooking new things and coming up with new dishes and combinations. Each job presents new challenges and a new location. You will find yourself cooking for bar mitzvahs, weddings and anniversaries among other events, which can be quite fun. Also, you will need to go over the menu with the host and decide which plates will be appropriate. The advantage of catering jobs is that you usually get to make an entire meal from appetizers and soups to the main dish and desserts. This appeals to many chefs.

For catering jobs, you need to be flexible and good at problem solving. Figuring out what to do when someone accidentally dumps the appetizers in the pool is something you may find yourself doing from time to time in this type of job. If you thrive under this sort of pressure, catering jobs are for you.

Chefs jobs are more stable. You will find that the menu seldom changes and you can really become an expert at the dishes that are featured in the restaurant where you are working. This has its advantages, as well. There will be very few surprises and fewer opportunities for things to go wrong.

Chefs jobs are ideal for those chefs who prefer to know what is coming and who thrive under anticipated pressure, such as the daily dinner rush. There is nothing new and unique, perhaps, but you are able to perfect your techniques and do your job better each day.

Now that you have a better idea of the difference between catering jobs and chefs jobs, you can start to look for one or the other. The best place to find these jobs is online. Look for a website that offers both chefs jobs and catering jobs in their adverts. This allows you to compare the requirements for both types of jobs as well as put your CV up for potential employers to look at.

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