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Work as a Temp Chef for Catering Jobs

There are many times when a catering company ends up with too much work and not enough chefs. When this happens, it becomes necessary to hire on temporary chefs. These temporary chefs come in and take over part of a catering job and when it is finished, receive their money and are off again.

Working as a temp chef is the ideal job for anyone who enjoys being flexible and having lots of free time, but who doesn�t mind getting called up at the last minute to work. You need to be able to drop things and go at a moment�s notice if you want to be successful as a temp chef for catering jobs.

There are a few more requirements in order to land temporary catering jobs. You will need to have the skills necessary, since there will be no time to train you. The ability to follow a recipe accurately is also vital, since many catering jobs have their own special recipes that they are famous for and you will need to reproduce them exactly. No adding your own special touch.

Another important skill is the ability to work quickly and accurately. You should be able to whip out sauces and chop veggies at high speed without any accidents. Speed may be of the utmost importance, especially if you were called in last minute to replace another chef who was unable to work.

In most cases, as a temp chef, you will be given some notice on the catering jobs. The company usually knows ahead of time when they will be overbooked and will let you know. This is useful in planning your work calendar, but again, being able to drop what you are doing and head off to a job is the best way to get plenty of work. If you do a good job, you will likely be called in to help the next time they run into the same problem.

You won�t find many job ads on websites looking for temp chefs, although they are in demand. So it is up to you to advertise your services. Find a website that offers chef and catering jobs specifically and list your profile with your CV. Let potential employers know that you are interested in temporary positions. You can also talk to local catering companies and let them know that you are available to fill in last minute.

Temporary catering jobs usually pay more and are more flexible than regular chefs jobs. They offer you the free time to take up a hobby and enjoy life, or practice your cooking skills. If you aren�t ready to commit to a full-time kitchen, consider taking on temp catering jobs.

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