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Chefs Recruitment for the Catering Industry

Ask anyone who works or has worked in the culinary industry and he or she will tell you that a curriculum vitae, or CV, are the most important career building tool for a new chefs recruitment. Curriculum vitaes are similar to a resume but are more detailed and usually aimed towards getting a specific position, in this case chefs recruitment. Recruitment agencies, employment websites and prospective employers are going to want to see your CV to get a better idea of your experience and skills. CVs have no preset format, just a maximum length requirement and can be easily written by a chef just starting out and looking for chefs recruitment.

Whether you are planning to acquire a job through a chefs recruitment agency or march right into restaurants and hotels, a CV is going to be expected from any serious candidate for a chef position. Online chefs recruitment websites ask that you upload your curriculum vitae directly into their system. Even personal and private chefs will want to prepare a decent CV to present to prospective employers. This one-page list of culinary skills and past work experience will likely be near the top of the list of reasons why someone would decide to hire you. This is why you should carefully prepare your CV and present it in the most professional way possible.

While both resumes and curriculum vitas are one-page employment tools, there are some major differences in the set-up and purpose of CVs. Resumes are usually a brief summary of personal information, skills, interests and work history for the purpose of getting a job and usually isn't targeted towards a specific type of job. CVs are
intended primarily for professional jobs, such as chefs or assistants, and focus on a more detailed and thorough description of the person seeking employment.

When beginning to write curriculum vitae, prepare by writing out all education, experience, affiliations, honors, grants, and specialized certifications that will all need to be included. It is a good idea to be thorough and honest on your CV so your chefs recruitment will be as good a fit for you as possible. Online resources as well a good number of books are available on the topic of curriculum vitae so research the best format for your CV before drafting it. If the task still seems overwhelming, professional writers are willing to write your CV for you at a reasonable cost.

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