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Recruitment Resource for Chefs

While you can certainly pull chefs and other employees from their existing jobs, sometimes you need a different recruitment resource. There are several to choose from that can be quite effective. Perhaps the most useful of all is an online job board.

Most chef recruitment resources have quite a few job listings, so how do you make yours stand out and grab the attention of prospective employees? There are a few tips and tricks to make your ad stand out. Let�s take a look at a few of them.

First of all, you need a title that gets people�s attention, something that makes them want to look at your want ad first. Give some details, don�t just say �Great Position Available�, as that will catch no one�s attention. Instead, include location and position. Details. These are what will catch the person who is skimming the ads.

For example, you could use something like �Sous Chef Wanted for Hotel Position in Felixstowe�. Now, most online recruitment resources will limit the number of characters you can use, so you may need to be creative. If you don�t mind sharing, adding the wage to the title will draw in more people.

Within the body of your ad, you will want to give enough details for the prospective employee to make an informed decision as to whether or not he wishes to apply. The requirements should be clearly listed. If you are only accepting applicants with two years experience, make sure you list that early on in your ad. This reduces the problem of having unqualified chefs applying for the position.

The responsibilities should also be included in the body of the ad. Put in the hours the chef is expected to work, what exactly he will be expected to do and any unusual requests.

To keep the want ad from sounding too strict, you should also include the good things! Days off, vacation time, any benefits, etc. should be included within the ad. These will be the main motivators, apart from the money. If you run a hotel and are offering room and board in addition to the regular wage, be sure to include this.

Making use of an online recruitment resource is a good way to reach the largest number of potential employees. Choosing one that is nice and specific to your area is the best way to find qualified applicants, rather than simply listing on a general job board.

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