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Chefs who choose to work for themselves as personal chefs or caterers face the challenge of marketing their skills to the public. Several chef resources are available to help spread the word of experienced and skilled chefs. Internet websites, local advertising, and promotional events can all be used as a chef resource to build a name for yourself and grow your personal chef or catering business. Compare the options and consider which is best for promoting your own business.

Internet Advertising

It seems that everyone has a website for personal or business purposes. By creating a professional website with much of the same information as you CV, you can then direct prospective clients to the website and improve your chances for business. Make sure you implement a plan for driving traffic to your website aside from work of mouth so this valuable chef resource isn't wasted because no one visits the site. Consider joining some web groups that focus on cooking or culinary arts and add a link to your posts that direct readers back to your website for additional exposure. There are also directories that allow skilled professionals to add their company names to a list of candidates for hire. These directories can be one of the best chef resources when looking for potential clients.

Local Advertising

There are many chef resources in local advertising. Flyers, business cards, newspaper ads, even a small spot on a local radio station can get your personal chef or catering business noticed in your area. Although you can print out your own flyers and business cards with just about any printer on the market today, it's best to hire a professional printing company to create your business supplies. There are many good companies, both online and in the real world, that will provide your business with creative professional cards and flyers without charging you much more than you would spend if you printed them up yourself. Newspaper, radio or even television ads will cost you more but the exposure may be worth the price. You can start with a small ad in a community newspaper and, as your company grows, move up to more advanced media advertising.

Promotional Events

If you are one of the more daring chefs, you might want to consider a promotional event to showcase your culinary talents. There are several chef resources available to assist with promotion. Maybe you could sponsor a neighborhood taste-off where your company is the featured business. Or a street fair which our company handing out samples of your best dishes along with a brochure with your business contact information.

However you decide to advertise your personal chef or catering business, remember to take advantage of any one of chef resources available.

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