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Are Catering Jobs for Real Chefs?

Many �true� chefs who work in high end restaurants claim that catering is not for real chefs, but simply those cooks who are unable to rise to the level of a chef. However, the chefs who work catering jobs will quickly refute that claim. Who is right? Should a real chef take on catering jobs?

While cooking for a restaurant crowd and cooking for a one-time event are two very different tasks, both require excellent cooking skills and the ability to execute specific dishes well. Catering jobs require the completion of an entire meal, from appetizers to dessert, en masse. They are often served at weddings and other large, elegant affairs where hundreds of plates must be served all at once.

The stress involved in restaurant cooking can be quite high, particularly during a dinner rush, but it is comparable to the stress of a chef who is attempting to prepare dishes for a large event. Catering jobs often require that a large amount of the prep work be done at least a day ahead of time, but the majority of the cooking and finishing up is done at the last minute and despite having help plating up, the chef ends up quite exhausted by the end of the meal.

Catering jobs are also a test of a true chef because they rarely follow the same meal plan. While a bar mitzvah may require kosher dishes, a wedding might require a mix of vegan and meat plates, along with special requests for certain people who have allergies to wheat or shellfish. When faced with such a variety of dishes that must be prepared and served at the same time, no one can accuse a catering chef of not being a �real� chef.

Selecting foods that go well with each other is a major part of catering jobs. Instead of allowing the patron to mix and match, there is a specific meal plan to be followed and this is usually worked out between the host and the chef. It requires careful planning, especially when there are special requests being made. Preparing a six course meal without using any animal products can be a challenge for even a five star chef!

So, in conclusion, yes, a chef who works catering jobs as opposed to restaurant and hotel jobs is still a real chef, perhaps more so than his kitchen counterparts. He works just as hard and must be able to prepare with expertise a wide variety of plates. A true chef, indeed.

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