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Catering Jobs in Rural Areas

When you think of catering jobs, you probably think of big cities and massive events. However, not all catering jobs are set in heavily populated areas. In fact, there are plenty of jobs to be had in rural areas as well.

Some chefs prefer to work in rural areas, although the reasons vary. Perhaps they grew up in the area or simply like the more laid back aura. Whatever the reason, there are some wonderful catering jobs in the more sparsely populated areas of the UK.

Just because the area is rural doesn�t mean the events aren�t fantastic. It is quite common these days for celebrities to rent a farm to host a wedding or reunion or birthday party and have the event fully catered. These affairs are absolutely massive and usually require hiring on temporary chefs for the catering jobs.

Catering jobs in rural areas do present their own special challenges. For example, the roads may not be in ideal condition and it is usually necessary to transport prepared food quite a distance from where it was prepared to the place where it will be served. More fragile items, such as wedding cakes and the like, will need special care on bumpy roads, so as to be sure they aren�t ruined.

Since life is often a taken a little easier in the rural towns, you may find yourself waiting for the guests who arrive �fashionably� late. This may be fine for the majority of events, but when you are waiting to serve mini souffl�s, it can be disastrous. Chefs who are working catering jobs in rural towns tend to learn quickly that food which must be served immediately is not always appropriate.

The settings for these catered events are often breathtaking. A wedding held in a stone church that was built over 300 years ago, with the reception held on the rolling green lawn is nothing but beautiful. And cooking in the rustic kitchen of an old farmhouse, with the food being served in the decorated barn or garden is a truly interesting experience.

Even if you have no plans to continue working in a rural area, it is well worth taking a few catering jobs away from the city, just for the experience. It is relaxing and enjoyable as well as a great experience. You can add it to your CV and impress future employers, as well.

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