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Where to Find Top UK Chefs Jobs

Every chef wants the best job possible. Just running your finger down a list of want ads won�t get you the chefs jobs you�re looking for, you have to know exactly what the top UK chefs jobs are and where to look for them. Without that knowledge, you are just stumbling around in the dark.

Talking with more experienced chefs will give you a good idea of which hotels and restaurants are the best ones to work for. Most chefs are more than willing to talk about where they dream of working. Networking is not only a great way to learn about the top chefs jobs, it is also very useful for achieving the positions you want. If one of the chefs you speak with later lands a position in a prestigious hotel kitchen, you may be on his recommended list of chefs when they are looking to hire again.

Even if you don�t have much access to other chefs, you can still learn about the top UK chefs jobs available. Just take a look in the food section of local papers. They will be chock full of reviews of top restaurants. Look for restaurants that are favourably reviewed in your frequently read publications.

Restaurants and hotels that receive four or more stars for their excellence are good places to look as well. You will probably find that they don�t have many positions opening up, since the truly good chefs jobs are ones where they treat you well and pay you even better. Who wants to leave a position like that?

Once you have a list of the top places you want to work at, it�s time to do a little job hunting. If you are truly confident in your cooking skills, you may want to go directly to the restaurant or hotel and request an interview. Although this may not get you hired on immediately, they can keep your CV on file in case any positions open up in the future.

Another good way to check for top chefs jobs is online. By doing a quick search on a chefs job board, you can quickly see if any of your choice places has a position open. This is the best way to find top UK chefs jobs because it is something you can do on a daily basis, without wasting much time or money.

Finding top UK chefs jobs is not as difficult as you might imagine. The difficult part is landing them!

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