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New Teqniques in catering jobs & chefs jobs

Over the years we have seen in vegetable the use of CS stores where they take out 3% oxygen and replace this with nitrogen effective putting the fruit and veg to sleep.

This allows us as chefs in the catering industry to have fresh vegetables available year round. The problem is you ask any young chef at catering college what the different vegetable seasons are and they look at you with a bemused look. I will go as far and say that catering teachers have forgotten.
There's a new food freezing technique that leaves even the most experienced chefs asking: "Is it fresh, or is it frozen
Indeed, the duck frozen using the new methods tastes almost the same as the fresh variety.
Frozen baby eels from Spain arrive at Le Mange-Tout, a restaurant in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. Chef Noboru Tani says, "You couldn't get these in Japan before the new system was developed."
The freezing technique that made this possible is called the Cells Alive System (CAS). CAS minimizes cell destruction and allows the food to be preserved in a near-fresh state. The preservation technique was developed in 1997 by ABI, a company based in Abiko,
The standard method of freezing food involves exposing the item to cold air and allowing the food to freeze from the outside in. This traps heat inside the cells and alters the state of the food as it freezes. Water molecules bond inside cells, breaking the cell walls. When the food is thawed, a good deal of flavour is lost as water trapped inside drips out.
The new system attacks this problem by freezing the entire steak, flounder or whatever at a consistent temperature throughout. This is accomplished by creating a weak energy field inside the freezing chamber that keeps the food molecules vibrating while the item is cooled. By ensuring the temperature of the entire steak is consistent during the freezing process, cell damage is eliminated.
In addition to patenting the technique in Japan, the company has been granted patents by 11 countries in Europe and by the United States. ABI is collaborating with the Irish government and companies in Spain and Mexico. It is also involved in joint-research projects at 37 universities and institutes in Japan and overseas.
According to the Japan Frozen Food Association, frozen food for household use in Japan was introduced in 1952 at a department store in Toyo's Shibuya Ward.
Consumption steadily increased as more supermarkets with frozen food sections opened nationwide million tons in 1986
Consumption reached around 2,692,500 tons if imported frozen vegetables and pre-cooked foods were included, or about 21 kilograms per person.
Since technique-specific statistics are not yet available, the amount of food frozen with CAS technology is not known.
Imported food, set up a local subsidiary in the Bretagne region of France in 2004. The company, based catering jobs purchases luxury foodstuffs while they are in season and preserves them using CAS technology. Currently, the company delivers seafood to 300 to 400 restaurants and hotels around Japan.
The monetary savings are great. To airlift fresh seafood required the use of ice weighing more than twice as much as the seafood itself. Nowadays, Northern Express can ship CAS-frozen fish to Japan on refrigerated containerships used in catering facilities.
To aid the local fishing industry, the freezing facility has pledged in principle to buy the boats' entire hauleven when the catch is excessive. In the future, operators of the facility hope to increase the amount of ready-to-eat food such as sashimi and thus create more jobs for locals.
The company plans to increase the number of prepared food items by a couple of hundred this summer, an OK spokesperson says.
With shrinkage kept to a minimum, the company is able to pass this saving on to the consumer. "In the past, high technology was often regarded as something that added value to a product in itself and allowed firms to sell products at a higher price
Now that the new technology has proven itself among food service and catering job professionals, the only question remaining is will it be able to sufficiently differentiate itself from existing freezing
So the problem core me in the catering industry is forgetting the fundamentals. That fresh seasonal food is fresher and cheaper, so why the need to freeze your lovely fresh product. If you cannot control your stocks in the kitchen, then send your chef back to catering college.
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