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Getting Your First Chefs Jobs

When you are fresh out of cooking school, the whole idea of finding and landing real chefs jobs can seem a bit intimidating. If you aren�t prepared, it is downright frightening. However, you don�t need to be terribly anxious about getting chefs jobs, if this is what you are truly passionate about, it will show and employers will want you in their kitchen.

Remember that you will be starting out at the bottom of the heap, so look for chefs jobs that fit the experience you have. This will probably mean you will have less than appealing chores in the kitchen to start out with, but you can quickly advance with the right attitude and careful dedication to your craft.

There is quite a bit of competition for chefs jobs, particularly for beginners who are just getting out of school and entering the job market. Everyone is looking for the top chefs jobs in their area of expertise and you will probably find that fellow new chefs will be competing for the same chefs jobs.

So, how do you get ahead of the competition? You can start by getting some experience while still in school. During the last couple of years, try working as an intern or unpaid labour in a kitchen or two. Many smaller restaurants are more than happy to let a student chef work for a very low wage, or for free, to get the experience. This will give you something to put on your CV, which other new chefs don�t have. Also, you can get letters of recommendation from the restaurant where you volunteered, which really looks quite excellent to future employers.

Don�t be afraid to leverage friends and family as well. If you have contacts who work in or know someone in the food industry, ask them for contacts or even chefs jobs. You can�t get anywhere if you don�t risk it. Just go ahead and ask, the worst that can happen is they will say no. And the best that can happen is you will get a better job than other new chefs!

Setting up a profile with your CV on a website that caters specifically to chefs and chefs jobs is a good way to get ahead of your competitors as well. Your CV will be available for any potential employers to see, day and night, without you needing to be constantly searching for great chefs jobs that accept new chefs.

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