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Chefs Jobs in Hotels: The Advantages

There are many advantages in taking chefs jobs in hotels over those in restaurants. In many areas, the two are quite similar. Both types of positions generally offer good and equal wages.

Whether you take chefs jobs in the hotel industry or the restaurant industry, you should receive all the regular benefits if you are working full-time. In this respect, the two types of jobs are the same. However, you may prefer hotel jobs over restaurants for the prestige involved. A hotel has more than just the food to stake its reputation on.

By working in the kitchen of a five star hotel, you automatically receive a certain amount of the prestige associated with the hotel. Which may have nothing to do with the kitchen, but rather the level of service and the state of the rooms. This is of great benefit to the chef who is seeking to improve his or her CV and gain experience for future chefs jobs.

Working in a hotel kitchen also promotes efficiency. The food must be prepared, plated and sent out in record time, since people will be waiting for room service and those sitting in hotel rooms are often more impatient than people who are relaxing with a glass of wine in a restaurant setting. You will learn the skills necessary to prepare food rapidly and of a high quality.

One side perk of working in a hotel is that you will probably receive an employee discount. Since hotels that have kitchens tend to be of 3 or more stars, this could mean a very nice stay for your anniversary. You can also use your discount to book a room as a gift for someone, perhaps your parents.

If the hotel where you are offered chefs jobs is a chain, you will have discounts in all the hotels. This is a wonderful benefit when you are on vacation and travelling about. You will never have to pay full price for a hotel room! This is on top of the usual free meal that chefs receive when on duty in the kitchen. In some instances, such as a resort, you may be given your own living quarters, often shared with fellow employees. This drastically drops the cost of living and makes your wage go further.

Chefs jobs in hotels are terrific. They offer the usual working benefits and much more. If you are looking for a way to get the most out of chefs jobs, consider working in a hotel.

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