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Help for a student please!!!

message posted 24-Jan-12 18:20:10
Hey everyone,

My fiance is studying for a bachelor of arts in product design. Her current project is to design a product for Electrolux that can save time when preparing a meal and/or make the task easier. Another option is to instead, design a product that can enhance the experience for families, e.g. a mother who likes to bake with her two young children.

Could anybody suggest any aspects of cooking/meal preparation that they may struggle with or perhaps any known gaps in the market for new products? Or maybe any parents that like to prepare food with their children that could provide some insight as to something that could enhance the experience for them? Preferably some kind of product that is related to dessert preparation e.g. baking.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

vazilyn poinsetta
vazilyn poinsetta
message posted 06-Mar-12 18:38:06
I just registered with chefsworld today. I don't have any ideas for you, but I have some things that slow me down in the kitchen when baking. 1. adding flour to my cake batter without making a mess. We all don't have the latest kitchenaide equipment, etc. 2. greasing and flouring the cake pans, especial tube and bunt pans. 3. An easy conversion type scale with large easy read numbers. Again we all are not all 25 or even 45. I would tell the equipment what category I want to convert, key in the relative information and presto, I would get an answer.

You might have guessed, only a senior citizen home chef would write you this note. Have a bless week, year. Ms. Poinsetta
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