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Are qualifications worth pursuing for me please?

message posted 28-Jan-12 12:08:58

I hoped that someone on this forum may be able to help me with some advice. I am 40 years old and female. I have been cooking on a domestic level daily for 20 years or so for my family. I use a lot of interesting recipes and so on i.e. I'm not a bangers and mash type! I reckon, and am told, that my food is very good. I don't really do desserts but rather concentrate on mains and soups etc.

After raising a family I need to start on a new career and as I love cooking so much would like to try my hand. I have no lofty thoughts of working at Michelin restaurants or anything like that but don't want to cook soul-destroying, poor quality, mass produced food either. I'd like to look for work in catering but is there any point without qualifications? And if qualifications are useful, which ones can seriously help?

I have a friend who works in one of London's top rated restaurants who works an insane amount of hours essentially to boost his CV. As it turns out, he will probably do very well, as his restaurant is all over the papers but I can't do that as I am older, have a family and have almost no professional experience (I worked in a few restaurants - menial work - when I was much younger but that's it).

Thank you in advance for any help.

message posted 29-Jan-12 19:39:06
Hi Susannah

I dont know many Michelin chefs with qualifications, like you said, its who you have worked for that is the C.V.

Most employers would help with the standard NVQ and this would be a good place to start, contact your local catering college, get a prospectus sent to you.

Catering can be quite the sticklers for "qualifications" and i use the term lightly. Health and hygiene would be the most basic one and I think you can do it online now.
The trick is to find a caterer that will produce what you want to work with, because most of them are all the same.

One idea is outside caterers, some of them produce some fantastic stuff.

Hope this helps a little.

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