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Where should I train?

message posted 04-Feb-12 22:46:07
Don't hate me.... but i cheated a little!

I'm not a chef YET. I've wandered all over the internet and am yet to really find some real advice/guidance on where , if at all, i should study.

Facts: I'm Female
I'm 35

I've saved a bit throughout the years and thanks to that I am now lucky enough to be able to afford a proffesional culinary training. I am under no illusions, I know this is HARD work! My quandry is where should I stidy - I'm torn between Leiths and Ashbutons's.... I know both are fabulous and well regarded but I need to have real reviews from real people, not the internet faceless. So consider this a shout out to those in the know ... nudge nudge, wink wink,...HELP please! XX

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